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Watch Travis Greene & others Ministering at Night Of Worship(NOW)

Night of Worship NOW

God really revealed his Glory at the NOW (Night of Worship) on the 17th of November, 2017. The presence of the Almighty was really mighty in the midst of every performance/ministrations by great gospel artistes that was present. The programme which started from 8pm till dawn was held at the Grenadines Open …

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Sam Ore Ministries Kicks Off JOY (Jesus Only Earthquake) on Facebook

JOY Depression

Sam Ore Ministries is out to Kick start JOY(Jesus Only Earthquake) live on Facebook, every Friday with hot topics. JOY is a programme that is set aside to discuss issues in the body of Christ that needs to be addressed. This programme would get started on Friday, 10th November, 2017 …

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No Offering and Tithes at a Church in Abuja,Nigeria


A Church has set aside itself from other churches in Nigeria by not collecting offering and tithes from the members of the church. Giving Embassy as the name implies is not accepting offerings and tithes from its members,instead,giving out to its congregations. According to the pastor Edward Olutoke, “The church is dedicated …

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HOTR Abuja Releases Official Statement on Fire Incident

House On The Rock

House On The Rock Abuja has released an official press statement about the fire incident that occurred on Sunday 25th June at Abuja branch.  The incident happened on Sunday 25th, June, after the mid-year thanksgiving service and was eventually contained by men from the Fire Service. In a statement made available,the …

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Bauchi State Commences Plans For Churches to Start Paying Tax.


Nigeria – The Bauchi State Government has revealed that they have plans to commence the process of registration of churches, mosques and other religious organizations for tax purposes. The Commissioner for Religious Affairs and Community Relations in the state, Baba Madugu, disclosed this while speaking on the achievements of his …

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Church Holds Thanksgiving Service to Celebrate Chelsea Premiership Win.


A church in Ghana’s has held a thanks-giving service for Chelsea football club following the recent Premiership success of the side, which is hugely popular in the country. Pastor Azigiza, a long-time Chelsea fan, encouraged people at the Living Streams International Church in Ghana’s capital, Accra, to come wearing the …

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