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An Important Question to all Nigerian Musicians – Timi Osukoya (Telemi)

“97% of Nigerian MUSICIANS are suffering, 3% are managing and coping by force. true or false?” is the Question Evangelist Timi Osukoya popularly known as Telemi threw a chat group of people who should know and the response was mostly in the negative to which he responded

“If only you know what I know in my study of this industry you will agree with me. Now the question is what is the population of Nigerian musicians? Start counting, by the time you get to know the secret and false lives of some names on your list, the 3% may drop.” He goes further.
“Do you know artistes go to motor dealers to hire cars when they need to attend great events?
We are working towards a better welfare and lasting structures for the industry but we need to know where we are coming from, where we are and focus on and plan for where we are going…”

He further posits – “Nobody goes about without considering how fulfilled he must be PHYSICALLY and SPIRITUALY. The manifestation of God in all these two areas has something to say about our state in life. In the gospel music how many are living up to this standard of God required. So many things could be wrong, which are the basis of this post. Whether gospel or secular, we do not have the structures to sustain us not to even mention tomorrow’s agenda. No matter how close we are to God, if the needful is not addressed we are going nowhere. God will do His part and we are left to play our parts. God told Peter was devil was about having him but he downplayed the statement and he paid dearly for it. This is not God or how spiritual we are but we have failed to make the system work for various reasons that are manmade. If we are spiritual and our physical lives do not glorify God, where are we? I am writing a piece on my discoveries and expositions about the industry. We need to face facts now, if not for ourselves but our children. No faking. Whatever language we call it the fat still remains we are not enjoying as we ought to. Do we know how many churches are or not able to maintain instrumentalists in the system or how many music directors have relocated to the church premises for inability to pay rents. We need instant and lasting solutions in terms of structures……”

“We fight both marketers and pirates, we accuse the pastor and the church on honorarium we have not found out what is missing in us that is responsible for all these. Look at all these platforms, most posts are irrelevant to our welfare and purpose or assignments. So many devotionals of pastors even some of these pastors we accuse are posted here daily. Let’s not allow devil to deprive us of our identity in the Lord or our birth rights. We communicate through social media. The inventors of those applications are not poor and God is using them greatly. Let’s work on why we are not getting it right and let’s not pretend it’s working well. I stand to be corrected…… still writing.
All of us are guilty the reason we all are affected. We need to wake up before the night comes

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