Testimony : Elmafrex share parents testimony with Nathaniel Bassey

This was shared by Nathaniel Bassey…
I’m in Akwa Ibom for the State Carol service this weekend. Having breakfast with another music minister, ELMAFREX, and he shared a testimony that made me kneel and shed tears in the restaurant.
For 28 years Elmafrex was the only son of his father and mother, who are both ministers in The redeemed christian church of God. About 3 years ago, they both went for the special Holy Ghost service at the redemption camp that takes place in March.
Pastor E A Adeboye during the service declared that those believing God for the fruit of the womb could go ahead to ask God for children. The couple independently asked for certain number of children. The wife asked for 3 children, while the husband asked for 2.
Anyway, not too long, after 28 years of waiting, the woman conceived and gave birth to a baby boy. That was a miracle right? But wait for this. She went back home and felt uneasy within her. And after six weeks returned to conduct a scan, only to realize there were more children inside.
She later gave birth to 4 girls.  YES! 4 GIRLS!!!
Now, remember she asked for 3, while the her husband asked for 2. And God did just that. If this God is not almighty, then tell me what or who He is.
This is not a fable, neither is it a myth. The guy in the picture with me is the ELMAFREX I’m talking about. A gospel musician based in Scotland. He used to be at my wife’s former church in EKET, the youth assembly, where I met my wife.
This God is too good o!
I’ve been so moved and inspired by this testimony, and therefore stand to prophecy to anyone out there desirous of a miracle from God, that this same almighty God that does great things will do that which no man can do for you in Jesus name. And by this time next year, you will return to this platform to share your own testimony to the glory of his name. In Jesus’ mighty name. Amen.
Please share this with as much people as possible to build faith in God.

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