The 30 day praying in tongues challenge for 1hr

Today is Day 10

If you have been joining this challenge please share in the comment section ??? what your experience has been like.

#From a testifier
My first day was really interesting, I started praying in tongues 5am or so and after praying for a long time I thought I would have done an hour ‘alas’ when I checked I had only done 25mins??.

Now the one hour seems short now because of the consistency. I remember back on campus we would pray for 6hrs and 12hrs stretch in tongues with my brothers Sam Naike Kolapo McHarry Patrick and some of our other friends and campus pastors but life has a way of choking you such that you don’t have time to go that length and that is why I am excited about this.

If you started Nov 1st means that by Nov 30 you would have invested 30hrs directly speaking to God. Trust me something is being birthed and it will manifest in no time.

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