The 30 day praying in tongues challenge for 1hr

#Day 5

Hello people,

How has the challenge been?

Can’t do 1hr at a stretch? No problem… You can break the 1hr into 2, 3 or even 4 segments as it is convenient for you.

You could do a segment of the 1hr in the morning, afternoon & evening.

Here are 5 tips on how to be effective with this challenge.

1. Plan and schedule a prayer time the day before.

2. Set an alarm or a reminder.

3. Go to the prayer place with your phone so you time yourself (Avoid the temptation of checking the time from time to time though)

4. Play a song you love at the background while  praying to keep you alive.

5. If possible get people to join you so it won’t be only you.

Today is Day 3 and tomorrow is Day 4. Push through because you are birthing something in the realm of the spirit.

Please share your experience at the comment section ??? if you have been on the challenge and if you are not it is never too late to plug in.

#30daysprayingintongueschallenge #tarryforonehour

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