The book ‘Daughters of Eve’ is finally out !!!


Now for the first time, is a book which brings to light, some of the most Beautiful Black women on the planet, both past and present, along with many of their extraordinary achievements. At a time when the mainstream western media still struggle to acknowledge the existence of Dark Skinned females, this book couldn’t have come at a better time.

‘Daughters of Eve: 100+ Black Women of Beauty’ intimately examines how the rise of European dominance in both Religion and Art have shaped world perceptions of beauty throughout history. Also assessing the role mainstream Western Media has played in shaping Universal perceptions of Beauty, We look at not only how Media stereo-types have affected the way Black women are viewed by other races, but also how they in turn view themselves, and the lengths some will go to manic European attributes of beauty.

Containing over 100 Biographies of Black female industry leaders from the worlds of Business, Academia, Music, Fashion, Film, TV, Politics, Media & Sport, ‘Daughters of Eve: 100+ Black Women of Beauty’ is an important source of inspiration for Black Women & Girls of all ages, as well as an essential reference tool in the hands of both Parents and Educators.

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