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The Greatest Doctor

What do you do when faced with a life threatening condition or a terminal illness, either in your own life or in a loved one? Where do you turn to when the family is financially challenged and hear distressing news about a sibling who is in hospital? Sowmya was in her final year in college when she received news regarding her elder sister who was eight months pregnant and admitted in a government hospital.

The pregnancy had suddenly developed complications. Scan results showed that the child was not moving in the womb. For Sowmya and her family who were eagerly awaiting the arrival of the baby, this was nothing short of a shock. Doctors gave little hope for the child. With meagre financial resources in hand and unable to shift to a better hospital, there was nothing they could possibly do. With a heavy heart, Sowmya came to church that Sunday and requested prayers for her sister. Trusting in the Healer, the church prayed as a whole, submitting the mother and the child in her womb in the hands of the Creator.

The following Sunday, Sowmya came to church with joy brimming in her heart. She had good news to testify. Her sister’s pregnancy was back to normal with scan results showing the child moving again in the womb as before, which in the words of the doctor was nothing short of a miracle. The Church rejoiced and glorified God at the great news. A month later, a beautiful baby girl was born.

Dear reader, today if your world is shattered by a disease and the doctors have given up hope, we encourage you to look to Jesus, the greatest doctor of all. He forgives all your sins and heals all your diseases. Sowmya’s story is yet another reminder of God’s comforting promise – “I am the God who heals You!”

Written By: ICPF Bangalore

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