The Story So Far about Music Minister Michael Arowosaiye’s Death

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Since after the news of Minister Michael Arowosaiye’s suicide, lots of theories and counter-theories have surfaced about the reason for his committing suicide.

In this post, we seek to set the records straight about what has been said but the churches that have been accused of negligence of members.

RCCG responded to the issue thus.
1. He is not a Pastor in RCCG, but a Music teacher in Shepard House Church
2. He is the Music teacher of Choir 2 in his church and he was only in RCCG to teach music
3. He has accommodation issues because the house he was staying was sold
4. His wedding was cancelled in his church because another lady said he also proposed to her.
Finally, the accommodation and the wedding cancellation could have led him to that. But, he was never a Pastor in RCCG.

The number 2 point is debatable as several pictures of Minister Michael ministering in key RCCG events has surfaced. From the look of these pictures, he was not just a music teacher, he was a member and a music minister with RCCG. Albeit information has it that he left the Redemmed Christian Church of God 2 years ago.

From what we gathered from one source on our social media page.

Mike didn’t leave a suicide note and he didn’t die because of financial or rent issues. No church abandoned him because of rent.

If you know pastor Telena of Shepherd House, you will know he takes very good care of his members and pastors the way he takes care of himself.

Mike left RCCG 2 years ago to Shepherd House Church Apo, Abuja where he was a worship leader but was suspended 2 months ago and his wedding cancelled because of sexual relationship with another girl who leaked his nudes hence he got frustrated because of the embarrassment.
His house in Sunnyvale Abuja was given to him by the church for free.

This narrative that the redeemed church abandoned him is a lie. Nobody is defending church but you people should stop looking for any opportunity to attack the church and men of God. They are not the reason Nigeria is hard. You didn’t elect them. Channel all your frustrations to Buhari and Fasola that’s not giving us light for days and won’t even give anytime soon.

So far, this seems to be the truth as several other sources are collaborating this story.

In conclusion, the working theory is that he committed suicide to avoid the shame of his nudes being exposed as threatened by the lady he had sexual relations with, coupled with the cancellation of his marriage to the woman he wants to marry and the suspension from the church.   The truth is we have all done a thing or two that was this shameful and no one has any rights to justify this kind of death. Instead of suspending and alienating him, maybe a different approach would have saved his life.

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