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The truth about Apostle Ayo Babalola’s marriage and wife.

THE SAD EXPERIENCE OF APOSTLE AYO BABALOLA MARRIAGE. As much as I chose to be silent on issues raised on this platform, I couldn’t on Apostle Ayo Babalola’ s case bc of my personal relationship with him. Hence my rejoinder. You would agree with me that not all we find on google are historical facts, so let us always verify info from Internet.

Secondly public figures of the hierarchy of the Apostle are subject to all sorts of perceptions and rumours. We should therefore expect all sorts of unfounded statements.

In historiography, there are always versions and variation, including distortions. Such also exist in Baba’s case.

Apostle Ayo Babalola was great, but contrary to the Google source, he had spiritual mentors: some of whom were Baba Esinsinade who baptized him, Baba Odubanjo and Baba Akinyele.

As a prophet, he didnt want to marry originally, but the church counselled him on the basis of what people would be saying, if he did not marry

There may be two ladies before him as claimed but he went to the prayer mountain at Odo owa to pray on the issue. There, a tsetse fly bit him continuously, he wanted to drive it away, God said No; he wanted to kill it, God said No, until the tsetse fly was filled with his blood and fell down by itself. God then told him to marry but the one he would marry would be as the tsetse fly. He must not divorce her and must not harm her.

He asked the other prophets to pray about it and it was this Dorcas that was confirmed.

While it was true that the wife was a thorn in his flesh as claimed, it was like that for many fathers of faith in African Pentecostalism. This has its own theology. It was like Paul who heard three times ‘my grace is sufficient unto thee, for thy strength is made perfect in weakness’. Baba himself would say ogi lai ni sugar, isegun ni, so he had no regret. He coped well with her.

Another completely erroneous claim is to link his death to his tough wife. Most historians actually claimed that his untimely death was as a result of lack of rest, while that may sound as correct, the main reason was contained in his own speech in the 1950s, which I wouldn’t want to say here.

The wife of the revered Prophet was truly tough, which was attributed to the serious inconveniences the nature of the ministry of Baba gave her and their matrimonial home (so many things there), but she could not steal bc Baba provided for his home and several beneficiaries of Baba did same.. The palm oil syndrome was never heard from CAC historians, most of whom I’m familiar with; but we heard of so many other things she did out of pressure.

The advice under the Application, is in order, but two things: the will of God many at times, is not easy to know and do, as God’s ways are always different from ours. 2ndly, people must be genuinely born again, in order to be truly led by God. The ministry of genuine prophets to guide and confirm is still valid, except that they are rare to find.

I’ve written this rejoinder to defend the faith of the CAC fathers and not because I want to enter into any arguments on what’s app platform. God bless!

Written by Femi Adedeji

The above was written in response to a post by Rev. Telemi

I decided to know more about Apostle Babalola. See some of what I found on Google.

“His known mistake was his choice of wife. History has it that the woman he truly loved was a single mother, but the elders of CAC considered it an embarasement for their leader to marry a single mother. Hence, they misled him to marry the spinster who later became the thorn in his flesh. Her name was Dorcas. A Christian name is not the same with a Christian at heart.

“There was a time she poured palm oil on the white garment of the man of God on his way to a crusade ground. Another time after returning from the mountain after long days of prayers and fasting, the wife served him a delicious meal to break his fast. He had only taken about two or three morsels when the wife told him “l thought you are a true prophet, because you should have known by revelation that the chicken in the food was stolen”.
The man of God gently left the remaining food and returned to the mountain to ask God for forgiveness.

“As anointed as he was, he had no mentor, real reason for his wrong choice of wife which sadly and eventually, directly or indirectly led to his untimely death.”

If you want to fulfill purpose and live long, you must by all means, at all cost marry YOUR wife. Not the one a prophet, pastor, priest or parents recommend, but the one God recommends. People can only guide. The ultimate choice must be born out of your personal conviction.

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  1. That’s true because google also get it’s result from websites(crawl web)
    some website might just only write just to give some related info,
    but sometimes might not be exact

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