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Throw Back : How God Made A Name For Himself – Joyce Meyer

Joyce Meyer a Charismatic Christian author and speaker and president of Joyce Meyer Ministries today shared a throw back picture of herself teaching the gospel of Christ to the people in Cambodia after the authorities had disconnected power just to frustrate the work of Christ.

On her instagram post she said ” In 2007, Cambodian authorities tried to stop Joyce’s conference, which had been approved by the government. After they repeatedly turned off the power, Joyce decided to share outside using a bullhorn. The result: God moved in the hearts of many people to accept Christ that night! #TBT #handofhope #givehope #missions”


30 Days Of Hope

This Happened during the 30 days of Hope in Cambodia, This collaboration of organizations had one purpose: to reestablish hope for a nation’s future through: building homes, orphanages and community centers; caring for widows, orphans, prisoners and those without hope; coordinating with individuals, medical professionals and organizations; praise and worship; training – Southeast Asia Leaders Summit and the Million Leaders Mandate; Teaching – Festivals of Hope accompanied by book distribution and other humanitarian aid in multiple cities throughout Cambodia.

“Anytime you enter a country where the basic religion is not Christianity, you should be ready for spiritual attack. And it does not always come the way you expect it to,” David Meyer says.

Joyce Mayer in Cambodia

Specifically, during Hope Cambodia’s final ministry events, Joyce Meyer and Darlene Zschech were preparing to minister to about 3,000 people, when several men from a local government office came and tried to shut the meeting down.

The meeting was abruptly cancelled, and government officials were able to successfully get the power shut off – even though they had no authority to do so. Due to security threats, the team decided to take the meeting outside. Joyce had to climb a fence just to get into the courtyard, and the crowd went crazy.


The meeting proceeded to worship God, led by Darlene Zschech, members of the band, Delirious and Joyce Meyer – all through a bullhorn! It was a historic moment for the church of Cambodia.

Joyce Meyer speaks humorously, sharing with her audience her own shortcomings and taking playful jabs at stereotypical church behavior. A particular crowd favorite is the “robot” routine, in which she goes into a stiff-armed imitation of a robot chanting “What about me? What about me?

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