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Our throwback this week focuses on the gospel Nigerian group Resonance.

Resonance was a hit group with popular songs, that came together in 2006 from Enugu, Eastern Nigeria.

Resonance was famous all over Nigeria and the whole African continent. Not only was the music full of energy you could dance too, the lyrics to their songs has great meaning that really touched the heart

The group known as Resonance was made up of two cousins Esther Abigbo also known as ‘E-Star’ and Uche ‘Gucheano’ Ozoigbo.

Uche was the rapper while Esther was the vocalist with a melodious voice.

This duo made up an excellent combination which uptill date is remembered when their songs are brought up.

Their debut album “Chinweike” meaning God is great in English sold many copies, and was an instant hit in Nigeria and beyond.

It really set them off, winning many awards in Enugu and Lagos.

Unfortunately the group Resonance disbanded in 2007 with main reasons not known, though many assume it was because of disagreement between the cousins, one  getting more of the spot light while the other does most of the work.


Chinwe Ike is an album with eight tracks, a one of a kind album, different from other gospel music produced before or after. The excellent vocals and raps coupled with excellent beats helped create songs you will consider all enjoyable.

1. Chinwe Ike

2. Nna Anyi

3. Judgement Day Feat. Dekumzy

4. Holy Ghost Fire

5. Lee Lee

6. I Don Die Feat. Dusky

7. Thank You Feat. Dekumzy, Obio

8. Lee Lee [rex]

Which of their songs did you really enjoy? Let us know in the comment section.


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