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Trailer: Dramatic Movie – Jonah


What if God told you that He had a plan for you, But you ran in the other direction? but yet in a way still find your self in that direction you felt you were running from.

Here is a movie that speaks about all of that and is titled Jonah. it is dramatic movie, I know you heard about the story of Jonah but I’m sure you have not seen it all acted out.

Well, get to watch this great movie acted out on stage which is presented by Sight & Sound theatres.

This is the Trailer

About the Movie

Take your family deep into this Bible story as it springs to life on screen in jaw-dropping scale by an exceptional cast, spectacular special effects, and live animals, as Jonah being a prophet and a man on the run from God, ended up in the belly of a giant fish after being instructed by God to go to a certain city to preach the gospel but he escaped. Majorly, he was taught by God how to receive grace and to extend mercy.

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Written by Joy Okorie