Ugwuaji town of Enugu State Nigeria and the Seasonal Water Ravines

I live in Enugu. I don’t live in the metropolis. I live in a small village close to it. This village is called Ugwuaji. It’s more or less a place where students come to get cheaper accommodation at the expense of the ‘good life’ that the metropolis provides.

You see, Ugwuaji is quite notorious for hiding bad people. Every Enugu person knows what I’m talking about. Everyone treads with caution when they get into Ugwuaji or else you have been living there for quite a while and you know the layout of the land, then, you can strut around like an ‘Oga’ or ‘Madam’. However, it applies to you.

I used to harbour a certain fear for the place until I totally understood and fell in love with it. Now it’s hard to get me out of the place. Yes, I have heard you, I’d go someday. But let me finish writing this first….

One peculiar thing about this place is the scenery it comes with. Nature sleeps and wakes up here but I won’t buttress this. You would have to see for yourself.

Ugwuaji is surrounded by ravines. It surrounds everywhere. We call it stream because
during the rainy season, water flows from God-knows-where through the ravine and it’s channeled all through the community. This provides water to occupants of this place for more than nine months until the dry harmattan comes. Even during the early weeks of the harmattan period, water is still available.

During this time, you would see children playing around the water. It flows with this beautiful speed that almost makes wanna put your hands in it feel the intensity. Wow! Nature can so show-off ‘ehn’.


It’s February and everywhere is all dried up. ‘Okporoko’ has got nothing on it. You can walk in the ravine and it’s hard like a rock. And you ask yourself, “No be this place wey heavy water dey before? Na him come dry like this?”.

Good question. Answer – Nature.

Nature is life, nature teaches us most times but we are too busy or blind to see and learn. Sometimes, just sit down, breathe, feel, listen. Then, you would understand what I am talking about.

That place is a typical example of life. Sometimes its good, sometimes it’s bad. Sometimes it flows, sometimes it’s stagnant. Sometimes in your life things would go so well and you rejoice and bask in its presence. But the bad times would come too, so be ready for it.

Other times, things might be so bad that you are at the brink of giving up and then multiple breakthroughs begin to happen and you are like “Na so!”. – Claim it.

I just want you to remember that life is no bed of roses. Times are gloomy and this same ‘times’ are bloomy!. Remember, nothing is permanent. You might have it all today only to lose it the next day. You weren’t promised tomorrow. And you might be broke as hell today, doesn’t mean you would be Bill Gates tomorrow. Be Positive!


By Duke Okafor. FB

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  1. I live in Ugwuaji, too. My busstop is 2nd Ogechi, it has a blue signpost of the Jehovah Witness church. I loved your work, but why did you divert to a motivational writer? I was enjoying the way you describe this place where I live… But no worries, I also loved what you did.

    Menn, the natural life her refines my soul. The air is alive and cool as it brushes through the trees. I normally visit the Afar River in the morning and enjoy it’s serenity, the tweets of the birds and the interaction of the tress. I love my space and that is why I live here. The school can be busy and noisy and the best reward I get is returning to Ugwuaji to recollect my sanity…

    By the way I’m Ekenedirichukwu. HND1 Mass communication, IMT Enugu.

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