Undiandeye Olushola Presents “THE MIDWEEK SERVICE SHOW”

Undiandeye Olushola speaks about a weekly show that would be hosted to speak about issues that everyone can relate to. In his words, he said, “It is a show meant for Christians and non-Christians alike.” We should be expecting real life discussion as he promised to make the show a factual event.

In his words he said

Dear Friends,
My name is Olushola Undiandeye and yes, before you ask I am a cross breed between a mother of western Nigeria origin and a father who is from the south south part of the country. I like to think of myself and others like me the reason Nigeria should stay one. lol.
I have always been passionate about media and its entities. While growing up, I am that child the will take an imaginary microphone interviewing spectators and running commentaries instead of playing in the football match. Being a journalist has always being a part of me. It has inspired me and I have loved every bit of it. My experience at Gospotainment radio and X2D TV has prepared me for this. For a long time now I had been searching to fill a void but didn’t know how or where. I kept praying about it until I stumbled on an article online and fast forward 3 months later we are here about to birth a new show.
The Midweek Show is a Christian show that is not religious at all. It is a show meant for Christians and non-Christians alike. We will be bringing to the fore issues that everyone can relate with because they are what we experience firsthand or through those around us. WE WILL BE TREATING TOPICS THAT ARE AVOIDED ON THE PULPIT.
On this show, we will be RAW. We will be FACTUAL. We will speak OUR TRUTH according to THE BIBLE. We will SEEK KNOWLEDGE. We will LEARN from others. We will SHARE life’s values. We will EXPLORE CONTROVERSIES. We will HAVE FUN. We will SHARE TESTIMONIES of God’s goodness in our lives.
This show promises to explosive and engaging as we will be looking for trouble. lol. One important principle that this show is built on is that every time, WE WILL DEAL WITH THE ISSUES AND NOT THE PEOPLE. There will be no Judgments and we will not look down on anyone’s opinion.
The Midweek Service Show will be made available on this platform weekly and will also be broadcast on a couple of leading online radio stations.
For more information, you can reach us on
facebook – midweekserviceshow
twitter – midweekservice
phone – 08060172646
Yours sincerely
Undiandeye Olushola

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