Music : Vicky Young – Ubok Utom Obong (@vickyhenryyoung)

‎After releasing her debut single ”Olisebuluwa”, Pastor Vicky Young is here with something fresh  titled Ubok Utom Obong  (The hand work of God is beautiful in Ibibio language) produced by Prince Vibes.
Vicky Young is a pastor and a music minister. She has been in the music scene for a while and this is her second solo effort.
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Download “Ubok Utom Obong” Vicky-Young-Ubok-Utom-Obong-@Vickyhenryyoung.mp3 – Downloaded 396 times – 6 MB

When I think of all he’s done for me, I cannot help but wonder
When I gaze upon his holiness, I’m amazed
He made the sun, moon, stars.
Men, women. Everything the work of his hands
Ubok Utom Obong eeeeh ayaya
Call: Ayaya
Resp: Ayaya
Call: Ubok Utom Abasi
Resp: Ayaya
Call: Ayaya o
Resp: Ayaya
All: Ubok Utom Abasi Ayaya
Call: Ayaya ooo
Resp: Ayaya
Call: Ubok Utom Ubok Utom Obong
Resp: Ayaya
Call: Esitmi anem o (I’m glad)
Resp: Ayaya
Call: Meneke Ida meneke Ida eee (I’m standing in awe of you)
Resp: Ubok Utom Abasi Ayaya
Call: You are the king
Resp: You are …
Call: And you are the lord
Resp: The lord …
Forever you reign
All: Your majesty
Call: All creations sing
All: Ubok Utom Obong Ayaya o
Ubok Utom
Call: Mkparawa (young men)
Ubok Utom
Call: Ewoedi (come out)
Ubok Utom
Call: Ette mme eka (the fathers and mothers)
Ubok Utom abasi ayaya
Iban (women)
Call: Yak nyin ikwo ino Obong now(let us sing to the king)
Ubok Utom
Mbufo emeki afri nkpo se Obong anam( have you seen all that he has done)
Ubok Utom
Yak nyin ikwo inek inoenye o (let us sing and dance to him)
Ubok utom; Ubok Utom abasi ayaya
Call: For everything you’ve done
Resp: Ubok utom
Call: The moon The stars
Resp: Ubok Utom
Call: The man, The woman. lord
Resp: Ubok utom; Ubok Utom abasi ayaya
Call: Ette meko fi o (papa we hail you)
Resp: Ubok utom
Call: Ke kpukpuru mkpo afo anamde o (thank you for all you’ve done)
Resp: Ubok Utom; Ubok Utom; Ubok Utom; Abasi Ayaya
Call: Adakara enyong; ke isong oh (ruler of the heavens and earth)
Resp: Ubok Utom
Call: Bo ekom Bo itoro (receive thanks and praise)
 Resp: Ubok Utom
Call: Ayaya Ayaya Ayaya
Resp: Ubok utom; Ubok Utom Abasi Ayaya
Call: Ikpai iso afokara (ruler of the earth)
Resp: Ubok utom
Call: Inyang ibom afokara(ruler of the sea)
Resp: Ubok Utom
Call: Abasi bom o o (Great God)
Resp: Ubok Utom; Ubok Utom Abasi Ayaya
Call: We hail your name *2
Resp: Ubok Utom
Call: Bo ikom Bo itoro (receive thanks and praise)
Resp: Ubok Utom; Ubok Utom Abasi Ayaya
Call: Edidem nme Edidem o (King of kings)
Resp: Ubok Utom
Call: Nyin Imedakaida *2 (we stand in awe of you)
Ubok Utom
We give you praise mighty God
Ubok Utom Abasi Ayaya.

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