Video: Donnie McClurkin Reveals Why He Has Not Been Married

Donnie McClurkin

In a recent interview with CBN News, Donnie McClurkin revealed that fear has kept him from getting married.  “I’ll tell you I’m frightened”, the pastor of Perfecting Church told CBN.

McClurkin says the one thing missing in his life is a wife. “That void has become a chasm,” said McClurkin.

He continued, “God literally caused me to accomplish everything he purposed me to do – and more.”

“I have a wonderful two children, love my girl love my boy. The wife aspect is the void, that’s the void I’m looking to fill in this last chapter of my life,” said McClurkin.

He says he lived his life backwards. “Had I followed the principles of the kingdom, I would be fulfilled at 57 with no void.”

“This is a real sensitive area in my life”, said McClurkin as he fought back tears.

The singer admits fear is what has held him back from getting married. “I’ll tell you I’m frightened.”

He went on, “my fear factor has paralyzed me from going forward in relationships and I think that this time I’m going to wade through the fear in order to finish my life.”

“I don’t want anything to fail. I hate failed relationships,” said McClurkin. He added, “fear is false evidence appearing real, and it appeared so real to me that I denied myself that.”

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