Video: Nguma – Wilberforce Musyok

Wilberforce Musyok

Here’s another great song by Wilberforce Musyok titled, Nguma. In this song, the artist talks about how people go to great lengths to accumulate worldly wealth when they should be concerned with riches that do not end. Also watch Kitumi By Wilberforce Musyok.

He sings about how people tend to forget about God in pursuit of personal glory just as Nebuchadnezzar in the Bible did. This song is an encouragement and advice asking people not to let fame take them away from God.

Let not fame make you proud to even worship God in truth. It is also a caution for those who may sell their souls and join cults all because they want to accumulate worldly fame. This power packed song has a message for all that listen to it.

Watch video below:

Culled from Tuko

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