Video: OJ Psalmy – Kabiosi

OJ Psalmy launches official music video from the Amazing Grace album for his single KABIOSI.

“Kabiyesi” is the King’s title in the Yoruba language. “Kabiosi,” a Kabiyesi derivative, however, implies “None can challenge you.” OJ Psalmy sings of the Unquestionable King that God is; one whose words are Ye and Amen. He answered no one, and yet He answers those who diligently seek Him. What a god he’s!



1st Solo:
You walked on water
You healed the sick
Gave me a testimony now I can testify
And when my soul is feeling thirsty u quench my thirst
So I return all the praises to you. . .you. . .you. . .you
Kini mafi San ore re
Your love is too much o
Ife re gaju, aye lo oh. . .oh
O kami lays baba o
And that’s why I wanna say kabiosi o 
Kabiosi o
That’s why I praise your name
I lift you high
Kabiosi o
Kabio omasi o


2nd Solo:
Arabata ribiti
Aribiti rabata
Ajanaku koja morinkan firi, oba NLA
Oba to in emi gbogbo eniyan
Kpata kpata
Olori aye
Afuye gege tio she gbe logo toju ogo lo ooo
Kini mafisan ore re. . . .

Repeat chorus

Call: There’s nobody like you
Response: nobody, nobody like you
Call: koseni bire oh. . oh. . .oh
Response: ko seni bi re o
Repeat chorus


Twitter: @ojpsalm

Instagram: ojpsalmy

Facebook: OJ Psalmy

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