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Video: Osuba – Jide Plus [@JidePlus]

Jide Plus is a Lagos based gospel artiste who has got a special grace for the  modern African music style. Singing fuji to him is natural and he has made it so unique, combining it with the knowledge he gained while growing up in J-town (Jos) the plateau state capital.

He hails from Kwara state in Nigeria, where they are known for “Senwele”; a special style of music appreciated and accepted by a great number of people in the Yoruba speaking part of Nigeria. He Learnt so much about worship under the leadership of a great man like Dr Panam Percy Paul back in Jos while growing up and he was among the first mass choir organised for Shiloh in the year 2000.

One of his popular singles then was a hit ‘God of Shiloh’ that didn’t really enjoy much promotion in the west for certain reason. But now with help of the Holy Spirit, among many of his works he has a video out that will for real bless your soul.

He is versatile at singing any genres of music, but in all you can always feel the fuji and rock fusion. Gospel to him is a calling and medium to reach out to the world at large. Giving hope to the hopeless.


I serve a God that inhabit praises (Psalm 22:3) and I’m always happy anytime I get the opportunity to build for him an habitation. Fuji is in me….I eat, live and sing fuji. Welcome to my world…….Let’s Fuji-nice for Christ..!!!


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