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Video: Ty Bello, Laurie Idahosa And Wilson Joel – Amen


Nigerian well celebrated Singer and Photographer, Ty Bello releases a new song with the wife of Bishop F.E.B Idahosa, Laurie Idahosa and also with the award Winning Gospel Music Producer, Wilson Joel on this new one titled Amen.

A song which she describes as a spontaneous song talks about every dream that God has given to us is done and accomplished (AMEN). Amen is a solemn song with the lyrics spirit filled.

She took to instagram to say,

As the year draws to a close, my heart goes to this song, ‘Amen’ at a Thursday session (technically Friday..Laurie and music magnate showed up at my house way past midnight).

We had no idea what we were in for .. diving in straight into the deep like that . We really weren’t trying to be deep .. nor were we trying to make great music .. in fact @laurieidahosa hardly sang straight into the mic ..

it was simple .. three individuals in this space in the deep of the night .. making supplications in music that matched the desperation of the time .. the hours didn’t feel Ungodly at all.. His presence filled our every sound ..

our words and the music that came from our hearts were so raw and so touchable and God was so kind with the grace of His sweet presence .

It was as if every hearts cry was met by an undeniable YES from Him.. there was only one way to go .. deeper and further as we pressed into God ..with submitted and open hearts as he stirred every dream and vision long ago buried ..

One thing was funny tho .. in reality ,I’m really not a night person…but this particular night, it wasn’t a struggle at all to stay awake .. i felt so alive and I sang with no filters ..

I remember having to quiet down and listen to the words and the notes that Laurie sometimes almost whispered .. I’d listen and then amplify ..

it taught me that worship isn’t about singing .. and simply releasing the sound you were born to make . Singing together isn’t just about harmonizing it’s about letting your hearts be knit together before him.. without walls ..

And finally being beautiful isn’t about having face and body on point ..

I looked at the video and initially felt un-pretty ..I’ve always been an ugly crier??and my emotions were so raw as I sang..

As I watched I was almost embarrassed for anyone to see my face contorted the way it was a lot of the times .. but I know it was beautiful for Him to recieve ..

well at list from the joy of living in the reality of some of the things I dared to ask for . 2018 is going to be amazing . Amen .. it is real .. it’s accomplished

Watch Video

Go into the year 2018 with this words, Amen! It is done, it is finished!

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