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Wale Adenuga speaks on mentoring in gospel music.

Music minister Wale Adenuga recently shared a few tips for mentees who are looking out for a mentor. Mentoring is a medium through which a relationship that helps to give a young person the knowledge, skills and advice and network they need to launch and be successful in the career is created. It is a relationship that has been lacking or is lacking in these days. Not only in the gospel music industry, but generally in professional life. Very few young people get to be mentored,  may be because the people who ought to take up the role are very busy trying to move their own career further.

Wale Adenuga shared the following;

 Too often, a lot of young people walk up to me and say they want me to mentor them. I’m touched. But for the most part, I’m not able to. Here are a few tips for you if you seek mentoring and guidance from certain persons.
1. Clarify. What exactly do you want? The person’s success or the process by which he or she’s recognised today?
2. It’s possible to learn from someone without a one on one relationship. It’s called observation.
3. Don’t think of starting a mentor-Mentee relationship by asking the mentor to validate something you’re doing. For instance, many people hand me their CD and want me to listen. I just don’t have the time. So in my drawer in the office, I have tons of ‘unlistened to’ music.
4. Pursue a relationship that is mutually beneficial. I didn’t say become a slave. Find opportunities to be a blessing and to add value. Always, watch your motive though.
5. The best of mentors are still human. If you move close enough, your expectations might falter slightly. You might see a hint of anger, pride or something else. The best mentor is still work in progress.
Hope this helps. –

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