Way Maker by Sinach gets remixed by Jovonta Parton

way maker

Gospel Singer Jovonta Parton has released a cover of Way Maker originally sung by Sinach. The song was released 2nd of February, 2018 and while promoting the song on his Instagram page, he released a shot video clip, saying:

“Way Maker is a song that was written by an amazing, outstanding artist in Africa, the song has touched my heart dearly and I am excited to share my version of the song with you…”

According to the video clip, it is shown that there is no proper or specific acknowledgement or credit given to Sinach.

In addition to that, he refers to the song as his own, with no indication that it is a cover or a remix. For further information, we got in contact with Sinach’s manager and he said that neither Sinach nor her management team is aware of this. He assured us that no permission was given to Jovonta Parton and an act such as this is illegal.

It was later gathered from Sinach’s management in the US that Jovonta got permission.

So what do you think guys?

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