We Preach CHRiSt (By Alexander Victor)

Alexander Victor

We preach CHRiSt. He is ALL that is (and should be) on display! He is the spotlight. He is the limelight. He is the light-giver. He is THE LIGHT!

He is the message of the scriptures (the Old Testament) and He is the revelation of those scriptures in the New Testament. Him alone!

He is the reason for worship, He is the source of worship; He is the means of worship and He is the destination of worship. Him alone!

He is the guarantee of the Father’s ear when we pray; He is the mediator, the intercessor, the access point. Him alone! He is the ingredient, the supplier, the ability, the essence and the sustainer for/of the life we live. Him alone!

He is the eraser of our sin, the forgiveness of our sins, and our eternal righteousness. Him alone!

He is our peace, our joy, our fulfillment, our achievement, our attainment, our success. Him alone

HE IS THE GOSPEL; the gospel is not “about Him”; it is OF Him, by Him. Him alone! HE IS THE NEW TESTAMENT; it does not contain Him; it is Him and it reveals Him. His person. His nature. His love. His finished work. His Kingdom. Its culture.

He is our journey, He is our destination, He is our reward. Him alone! CHRiSt! Alone. If we preach, we preach CHRiSt. When we preach, we preach CHRiSt. He is the message. Nothing else. CHRiSt.



Written By Alexander Victor.


Alexander Victor

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