Welcome To Nigeria Where The Flood Gate Of Blood Flows

plateau killing

Welcome to Nigeria, a country where a cow is worth much more than the blood of over 200 innocent Nigerians.

Welcome to Nigeria, a land blessed, yet cursed with religious division and extremism.

Welcome to Nigeria, where the noise of a two goal score by a Musa overshadows the unending cries of many tormented Nigerians.

Welcome to Nigeria, a country where the dreadful Fulani herdsmen open the flood gate of bloodshed and tears on fellow citizens under the watch of the presidency.

Welcome to Nigeria, where a man of God is so powerful to go to people’s villages to uproot ancient gods working against them, yet so weak to mount the national dailies, TVs and radio stations to speak against the wicked herdsmen onslaught on fellow citizens.

Welcome to Nigeria, a demonic country where many families are yet to fully recover from the civil war experience, yet the blood sucking country is still demanding more blood from same families.

Welcome to Nigeria a place where some religious jingoist can freely walk into a church and carry out their wicked agenda on innocent worshipers, but cry when their hijab is worn to dance shaku shaku.

Welcome to Nigeria, a country where a clergyman will come up on the eve of New Year and publicly endorse a president, but crawl into his shell when the same president he endorsed does not place value on the life of fellow citizen.

Welcome to Nigeria, where most people rant on social media, but keep quiet when evil is being perpetuated around them, as long as their family is not affected by it.

Welcome to Nigeria, where a piece of pizza is considered far more expensive than the life of an average Nigerian citizen.

Welcome to Nigeria, a country where citizens sleep in fear, wake up in fear, eat in fear and go about their activities in panic of the unknown, wondering what might befall them.

I look around me and I can’t help but feel pity for my unborn children, this is not the country I dream for my future offspring. If worship centres are no longer safe, then how safe are our schools and crèches in this country.

Nigeria who do una this kind thing, who has bewitched my father’s land to the point where people can easily adapt to a bad life? I am no longer afraid of hell, because being a Nigerian and living in Nigeria is already hell enough.

How did we get to a point where hundreds of fellow citizens be massacred like their lives meant nothing, yet we all move on as if nothing has happened.

I don’t approve of the killing of any human being, but I am gradually sliding into that state where I am beginning to think that citizens, especially believers should be allowed to defend themselves against these evil people.

How did we get here?

Have we always been like this?

Who owns the goat that has eaten up the conscience of these evil animals parading themselves as fellow Nigerians?

Which way Nigeria?

If you are reading this now, it is time to begin to take responsibility for yourself and the people around you, by letting the love of God fill your heart in that your brother’s pain becomes your pain as well.

I couldn’t hold back my tears after seeing all the images of the victims.

I pray that the Almighty God will console the families of the departed and bring judgment upon the evil people perpetuating this evil if they refuse to repent and let fellow citizens be.






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