What Went down at The African Praise Experience 2017

The African Praise Experience

This year’s African Praise Experience will not doubt go down as the most memorable for so many people probably because of Frank Edwards birthday. Apart from the fact that the event was really loaded with riveting ministrations from various anointed artistes like Midnight Crew, Beejay Sax, Chioma Jesus, Samsong, Chuks Chidube, Chee, Segun Obe, Eben, Onos, Dannie Edeh, Fortune Ebel and Eno Michael, it also featured for the first time one of Abuja’s sensational music minister Elijah Oyelade.

The event started at the time most appropriate (sincerely I was too excited to note the time), with an opening praise and worship session by the LMGC led by Dannie Edeh, Fortune Ebel and Eno Michael. Afterwards came the avalanche of power music ministrations by the above listed artistes.

The event reached a climax when it was time for Frank Edwards to minister. it happened that the early hours of Saturday is the 22nd of July, which is Frank Edwards birthday and to make thing more grandiose, Pastor Paul had record a special birthday greeting for Frank. Oh My God, Frank could not hold back his mix of tears and awe. He was literally overwhelmed, with tens of thousands of people wishing happy birthday at same time, in the same place. Did I tell you that the House on the Rock, Rock Cathedral was filled to the brim and overflowing ?! For a few moments, Frank could not start his actual ministrations, he just busted into some good old Igbo thanksgiving song and of course the people joined him. He then said

When I started hearing about Pastor Paul, I was still a hawker.

This statement hit me like a wave of waters, because i have been there. I have done my share of hawking, so i could relate to how it feels to have great men such as Pastor Paul, Pat Utomi, Jimi Agbaje and the rest, wish you happy birthday. Plus getting a personal message from Pastor Paul.  After he got over the emotions a little bit, he gave few dose of the Frank Edwards’ music goodness.

The performances of Eben and Chioma Jesus were so electric that they both got an encore. After Chioma Jesus was done with her ministration, for another 2 minutes people had not stopped clapping and cheering and shouting.

The African Praise Experience came to a close with the ministration of the famous 3 (though they were supposed to be 4), the Midnight crew. They came up and thrilled the crowd to some great music led by Pat Uwaje King, Mike Abdul and Gbenga Gminor. Ayo was obviously absent.

Segun Obe’s ministration had some glitches, probably technical issues or so. But something was just off with it.

Comedic performances were done by the fast rising Kennyblack, MC Abbey and  Mr Chong and his interpreter.

All in all, We had a great time and after the event on the early hours of Saturday which was an election day in Lagos, I was excited I had a place to go catch some much needed sleep nearby as compared to the normal practice of going back all the way to Ikotun where I live.


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