What should determine our choice of movies as believers?

Most Families, when gathered in front of the screen argue on films to watch and what not to watch as believers; especially teenage children in their formative years, they want to watch what their other mates are watching and this seem to cause disagreement between teenage children and their parent.

Though, there is really no point made in the Scripture about movies and there is no part of the comandment that says “thou shall not watch”. Regardless, it is wise to still take time and assess if the content of the movie will be good and beneficial to lives, because as much as we want to watch, our choice of film is important to God.

Movies, whether clearly Christian or simply a movie showing biblical values, if such movies can help change lives including your life in relevant ways, it is appropriate to support such.

There are actually inspiring movies but are condemned based on how believers are portrayed; keeping some believers from movies that can be mind blowing, our choices should not be based on what we see,  fashion styles or any other physical things but rather in the message being passed to us, the weight the exposure in new ways to God carry.

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Written by Feyisayo Rotimi