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What You Should Know About Coffee

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Over the years coffee has grown to become one of the most sought after stimulant tea amongst many teas. In as much as it is okay to take coffee, it is however essential to note that too much intake of it can be detrimental to your health.

If you are a coffee lover like me then you should have known that coffee can be a friend or a foe depending on how you relate with it.

Many people have told me that whenever they drink coffee it impedes their sleep, and this is because coffee stresses the adrenal glands which can cause disrupt in sleep pattern.

I will not be mistaking if I say that coffee is a double-edged sword; if it is consumed greedily, it can wreck havoc, but if it is taken with moderation, it can be incredibly beneficial.  

The aim of this write up is to open your eyes to some truth about coffee which you probably may have not heard or have heard, but neglected.

It affects your mood swing: according to experts, coffee can have a huge effect on your mood depending on the quantity that you drink, how you drink it and how often you drink it too.

The reason is that when you take coffee, your body produces cortisol which is the main stress hormone. For some people, when they drink coffee it makes them ‘high’ resulting in energy boost which in turn increases mental and physical effectiveness.

But once the ‘highness’ begins to reduce they become tire out, and probably slide back into inefficiency, and this can lead to more chronic disorders such as anxiety, depression mood swings, etc.

It affects blood pressure: caffeine can cause a theatrical increase in your blood, even if you don’t have a high blood pressure.

Most people who drink caffeinated beverages on a regular basis are more exposed to the risk of high blood pressure than those who do not.

Though the cause for this rise in blood pressure is not clear yet, but most researchers think that caffeine could cause adrenal glands that release more adrenaline which causes the blood pressure to increase, while others are of the opinion that caffeine could block the hormone that helps keep your arteries widened.  

Hence the ideal thing to do is to try as much as you can to be moderate with it, or if you have a high blood pressure, it is advisable to talk to your doctor whether you should quit caffeinated teas, limit your intake of it or settle for milder forms of stimulants.

It causes dehydration: Immoderate intake of caffeinated teas can lead to dehydration, to avoid this, experts has advised that sufficient intake of water during the day is important.

It affects the intestine: coffee can be very irritating to the intestines, especially if it is taken on an empty stomach.

Miami clinical nutritional Dr. Michael Forman in his recommendation advised that coffee should be taken during or after meal. This is because coffee is extremely acidic and can disrupt the digestive Ph when taken in an empty stomach.

 Having coffee in-between or after meals will help play down on harmful acidic properties and it can aid digestion process in the body.

These are just a few of the things that caffeinated tea does to the body, but research has also shown that coffee can be beneficial to the body too. Therefore it is important to strike a balance and be moderate with your intake of coffee.

Like the saying goes, too much of everything is bad.

1 Corinthians 14:40 English Standard Version (ESV)

 But all things should be done decently and in order”.

English Standard Version

In our next write up we will be considering the benefits of caffeinated tea.

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Written by Ugoma Johnson