When No One Believes In Your Vision

It's your road and your

On my way to the market early this morning, I boarded a bus from Costain headed for Ajegunle. Immediately we drove past Ijora Olopa, the driver decided to ply one way, saying that there was traffic ahead on the other lane.

Since we could not see the traffic he was talking about from where we were, as expected some of the passengers including my humble self protested that it was wrong for him to ply one way since there was no traffic on the other lane.

The driver who didn’t listen to us continued on one way, while insisting that there was traffic ahead on the other lane.

As we continued on the journey, we realized that of a truth there was gridlock on the other lane.

Then it dawned on me that what happened between us and the driver is actually the reality about life.

You know that moment when you have that burning desire to achieve something.

The vision is very clear to you and you can literally see how beautiful your future will be if you go after that dream, yet no one seems to neither see nor believe what you are seeing in the eyes of your mind.

You see, they really do not have to see exactly or believe in that dream, what matters is that you are sure of the future you foresee, the possibility of it becoming a reality plus your resolve to keep pushing until you reach your desired destination.

Hence, what should you do in such situation?

Simple! Just be like that driver who though everyone seem not to understand or believe him, yet chose to believe and do what he had to do.

When no one believes in you.

When no one seem to understands you.

When all odds seem to be against you.

When it seem you are the only person who believes in that vision.

I urge you never to give up on believing both in yourself and in the power of your vision.

Keep pushing and doing those little but necessary things required to achieve your vision.

And even if the whole world gives up on you, never, I repeat never give up on yourself.

Written by Ugoma Johnson.


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