When The Miracle Rain Comes – Frank Edwards, Kemi Ajumobi Changes The Life Of A Boy

Frank Edwards - Daniel Uchia

Miracle Rain ; A few days ago I shared a story about a boy a professed fan of Frank Edwards whom Kemi ajumobi had interviewed about life on the streets of Lagos and what he would do differently if he got the opportunity, Well that opportunity has arrived as on the 8th of July 2017 he met his hero.

We know that Frank saw the interview and asked Kemi if she could still locate the young man and bring him to him, the Young boy whose name is Daniel Uchia visited Frank alongside Kemi in his home n Saturday.

Frank Edwards is really a special man, he not only welcomed the boy and feed him but shared a few of his clothing’s with him. this visit was well documented on Instagram and it left many including me teary eyed.

We reached out to both parties (Frank & Kemi) for comments but they declined due to the infancy of what they both see as a long term project. But we at gospotainment will follow this to the end afterall we intend to tap into this outpour  of the “Miracle Rain”.

The song Miracle Rain is Frank’s latest single and there has been testimonies after another since its release.

Inspiration behind Miracle Rain

This song came during the just concluded Hallelujah Challenge. From some of his revelations during the productions process we understand that the inspiration for the song came one early morning in June (which we would like to refer as the Olowogbogboro month) when God instructed him to go out into the rain and pray in tongues.

It has been raining lately in Lagos, Nigeria and even this morning, the day of the song release, its raining, i dear say that it is the rain of blessings and favour. According to the Rock Town Records Chief Executive, Frank ;

Miracle Rain is more than just a song, it speaks of coming rain of miracles and blessings all from the good Hand of God. Put on your dancing shoes and get ready to dance in the Miracle Rain. Remain blessed.

Of interest is the cover art, which reminds of back in the days when children go out to play in the rain. NO wonder Jesus said that to enter the Kingdom of heaven one must be like a child. It raining blessing and miracles, download and get yours.

What do you think?

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