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Why Is It Called Scriptures?


I remember attending a meeting while on campus. The pastor said to us it is called the scriptures with emphasis on the word “script”. The SCRIPTures has been given to us. The question is what do we do with a script?

He said to us about how Jesus told his disciples to go to the river and that the first fish they catch they would find money in the mouth of a fish. The disciples obeyed and they got the money and did whatever they needed to do with the money..

After that day I remember saying to myself while on campus that I was going to act the SCRIPTures
I said something about my finance which happened twice. It dawned on me that all I needed to do was to hear and do (act) the word. Faith they say comes by hearing as much as fear too comes by hearing.

I did act on the word and I got my desire.

I want to reachout to someone today to act the SCRIPTures.

The word works.

What do you think?

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