Jocelynn James was addicted to opioids and on the ‘Most Wanted List’ in Franklin County, Ala. According to reports, she was using up to 16 times a day and arrested 16 times over five years.

Officer Terrell Potter knew James from arresting her while working for the Phil Campbell Police Department over a decade ago. James, 40, credits Potter for saving her life, so she saved his life.

The news got to James when he saw a Facebook post about Potter needing a kidney, and the Lord spoke to her heart to donate. Miraculously, the kidney was a perfect match.

Doctors told Potter the waiting period for a kidney could be up to eight years. He did not have time as his kidneys were operating at five percent capacity.

According Jocelynn James, she said:

“God restored me from the inside out, and to be able to give another human a kidney to extend his life is really rewarding,”

Potter, when asked about his opinion concerning this woman’s selflessness expressed his shock:

“If you asked me 100 names of who may give me a kidney, her name would have not been on the list,  It’s just unbelievable that she was willing to do that.”

James started a non-profit organization called The Place of Grace to serve other women wrestling with addiction.

“I want people to realize that there is help out there for them, It doesn’t matter what happens in your life. You can always turn it around.”

James has been clean since 2012 and has made it her mission to help as many people as she can with substance abuse. Since August 2013, she has helped 508 women seek help with their addiction.

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Written by Victor Ekong