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Word for the day: Folly of Generalization – Pastor Chris Onayinka

Folly of generalization
Not all church attendees are believers in Christ, so don’t always judge a church by the congregants
Not all believers do the Word, a church member may not be living according to the teaching of His pastor, check Jesus and the Apostles.
Not all large churches are polluting the Gospel, some smaller congregations breed heresy, some large ones are sound. The proof of the pudding is in the eating not the wrapper!
Not all Young ministers (age-Wise) are Inexperienced, not all aged ministers are experienced. Jesus was 30, Paul was a young man, David was 17,Timothy was a youth.
A good number of their persecutors
were far older. Experience is relative and not necessarily in age or time .
Not all who teach material prosperity are dishonest. Not all who espouse “godliness” as piety are honest. You might need to seek clarification via paying attention to distinguish.
Paul taught prosperity and encouraged men to give. Communism wasn’t a faith-based system
Not every scandal is true judgment, many could be based on genuine errors (who is not error-prone anyway), some,well-orchestrated opposition.
Joseph was on the tabloids for attempted rape.
Jesus was listed in the court records as a criminal. You may need more than a critical mind but a fair and sincere one to see beyond press releases .
Avoid The error of generalization .
Seek to know the facts beyond other peoples’ conclusions.
You will give account of things you hastily said or accused others of!
My dear brothers and sisters, always be more willing to listen than to speak. Keep control of your anger. (James 1:19 ERV)
I call you blessed

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