Word for the day: Performance – Kenneth E. Hagin

“Then said Jehovah…I watch over my word to perform it” (Jer. 1:12 ASV).

In all probability, you have faith in your employer. You believe what he says, and you act on it. If he promises to raise your salary, you don’t question him.

Also, you and your word are one. You are behind your word and your promises. If your word is no good, then you are not good.

But God’s Word is more reliable than the word of a man! God’s Word and God are one. If God’s Word is no good and it cannot be relied upon, then God is no good, and He cannot be relied upon.

But God can be relied upon! He stands behind His Word! He stands behind every Word He promises!

You come to know Jesus through the Word of God. Jesus introduces you to God the Father. Then you begin to act upon God’s Word. You test it. After a time of acting upon what God says in His Word, it becomes as natural to you as acting upon the word of the man for whom you are working.

Confession: I believe God. I act upon His Word. Then He watches over His Word to perform it in my life.

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Written by Tomi Blessed