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Word for the day: Put A Stamp On This – Pastor Faith Oyedepo

Put A Stamp On This! 

“Can two walk together, except they be agreed?” -Amos 3:3

When I interview intending couples and realise that they have not come to an agreement on certain vital issues that make for a successful home, I wonder what it is they had been talking about all through their courtship stage. Some of the issues that bring up major challenges in marriage are things that would have been avoided if properly discussed and agreed upon during courtship.

Every successful marriage needs the agreement of the couple especially on important issues of their lives. Your agreement on vital aspects of the family aid organization and build a solid structure for your marriage. Truth is: You don’t need to wait till you are married before you set a structure for your home.

Before you agree to be married to anyone, you must come to a conclusion on where to live, how the finances would be handled, if you would operate a joint account or not, the number of children you’d like, your future plans in line with God’s vision for your lives and other issues as will arise that may be deemed necessary.

Communication is not just talking, but the reach of conclusions with understanding. If you fail to agree before marriage, it would be difficult to come to a consensus after marriage. You would be stretching yourself beyond normal to sustain peace in the home; and like a rubber band, when stretched beyond capacity, you will break. To avoid unnecessary strain in marriage therefore, discuss and come to an agreement on everything you can think of before marriage, no matter how little it may seem. You will not fail in marriage in the name of Jesus Christ!

Remain Blessed!

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