Word of the Day : WOMAN

To every smart working and praying WOMAN who persistently stand in the gap for their
families, you forever have my respect…

Every time you have spent in Prayers for your husband, children, God will answer!

For all the times you labour more than you should to support your home, God didn’t

God will bless your husband and make him who He wants him to be. As for your
children, they are already made for signs and wonders.

Keep being who you are. Smart-working yet humble; Spiritual yet fun-filled; Multiple
Responsibilities yet keeps the spiritual flame of her home alive; Career and
Business minded yet an Excellent Home maker who pays attention to the needs of her

God bless you WOMAN!

Say something nice to every smart-working woman you know!

Jerry Eze

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Written by chidiebere

Chidi is a Blogger for Gospotainment, a sports Analyst and a Devoted Christian