WORD4TODAY, beauty For ashes -Part 4


The only description of what’s coming upon you shall be BEAUTY -Part 4

1 Samuel 16:18 MSG
One of the young men spoke up, “I know someone. I’ve seen him myself: the son of Jesse of Bethlehem, an excellent musician. He’s also courageous, of age, well-spoken, and good-looking. And God is with him.”

Brethren, it will shock you to know that David’s family either could not see all the above qualities in David or they probably scorned at him and felt he was only good for herding sheep?
Family and friends?? may not notice your gifts, but God is up to something ..

?The above verse said, “One of the young men spoke up…”
Men & women in strategic positions with speak up for you.✔

✔In your office, they will speak up when it matters most.

✔In your business dealings, they will speak up when it matters most.

✔In every situation & location, they will speak up when it matters most.

The servant again said, “And God is with him…” He must have seen stuffs others could or did not see.
As you go out and about today, men & women in high places or connected to those in high places will see and confirm tangible evidences that God is with you.
All they will see and talk about are beautiful things that will do you good & be the “game changer” in Jesus name

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