WORD4TODAY: Everywhere you go today, SUCCESS


2Sam 8v6b GNB
…The LORD made David victorious EVERYWHERE he went..
It was the Lord & not David’s skills that gave him victory in every battle of life.

??He never for once took the credit even though God used the skills he had.

To David, Giving God the glory at all times was deliberate…✔

??Everywhere you go today, God will give you victory.

??Every door with goodness locked behind it will be opened unto you.

??Everyone you meet today with the capacity to actualize your dreams will speedily assist you in Jesus name??????

The 30 day praying in tongues challenge for 1hr is ongoing.
It’s flexible.
If you are unable to do 1hr at a stretch, you could break it into segments that’s convenient for you.

November 1st-30th. Not too late to join today.

God bless

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The 30 day praying in tongues challenge for 1hr

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