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Psalms 1:3 MSG
You’re a tree ? replanted in Eden, bearing fresh fruit?? every month, Never dropping a leaf?, always in blossom.

??That’s who you are.
??Don’t let the enemy’s lies tell you otherwise.

??Don’t allow current unpleasant situation cause you to disbelieve.

??Don’t allow what you see or hear convince you that you are who you are not.
Replanting connotes the following..

  1. The previous environment wasn’t conducive for growth
  2. The environment is infested with pest.
  3. The environment is polluted

Wherever you are preventing you from being constantly productive, God will uproot you and plant you in a new land??????

??God will relocate you & plant you in a place where good reports, good success becomes the order of the day.✔

??He will move you into an “environment” where you will be bearing “fresh fruits” every month✔

??He will move you into a place where dryness is prohibited and into a place where you will continually blossom in Jesus name ??????
Please be informed that WORD4TODAY will go on recess on Friday, 20th December to resume stronger in the NewYear in Jesus name.

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