WORD4TODAY; God will send you the game changer


1 Samuel 9:22 NLT
Then Samuel brought Saul and his servant into the hall and placed them at the head of the table, honoring them above the thirty special guests.

✔it was not about Saul and his servant…infarct, Saul and his servant were not on the list of invited guests.. This was entirely about Samuel….The game “changer “. Saul and his servant rode on the “shoulders” of Samuel to enter and sit at the table of honour.
??Everyone needs a “Samuel”.
??Everyone desires to be and sit in the place of honour..

The ” Samuel ” you need to bring you into the place of honour is already on his way.
??You may not be amongst those qualified to get in, but, you will get in after all. FAVOUR will speak for you.
✔Your Samuel is coming.
✔The game changer is coming.
✔You will get in and be seated in the place of honour.
✔Days of reproach and contempt are over for good in Jesus name.??
Please be informed that WORD4TODAY will go on recess on Friday, 20th December to resume stronger in the NewYear in Jesus name.

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