WORD4TODAY-Power of the hand of God upon you

The Hand of God –

Ezra 7:6B MSG
…Because God’s hand was on Ezra, the king gave him everything he asked for.

Ezra’s heart was heavy with a “shipload ” of request.. He needed stuffs he couldn’t get on his own for the assignment God gave him.

??He needed the help of the only one who could give him access to all he needed… The king.

He therefore decided to approach the king ? who was in a position to help him or refuse him.

Some would have whispered into his ears not to bother about approaching the king, but, alas he went ahead anyways. ✔
With the hand ✋ of God upon him, how could a mere mortal refuse him?

??He met the king, told him all he wanted & the rest they say is history.
??Everything he asked for, he got.

Pray ??
Father, today & for the rest of the year, I pray for your hand to be continually mighty upon me in an unusual way. Everywhere I turn to… Everyone I need…Everything I need to help me reach my desired goal will not be denied me in Jesus name????

What do you think?

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Written by Pastor tosin