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Luke 7v11-15 TPTS
Shortly afterward, Jesus left on a journey for the village of Nain, with a massive crowd of people following him, along with his disciples.

12 As he approached the village, he met a multitude of people in a funeral procession, who were mourning as they carried the body of a young man to the cemetery. The boy was his mother’s only son and she was a widow.

13 When the Lord saw the grieving mother, his heart broke for her. With great tenderness he said to her, “Please don’t cry.”

14 Then he stepped up to the coffin and touched it. When the pallbearers came to a halt, Jesus said to the corpse, “Young man, I say to you, arise and live!”

15 Immediately, the young man moved, sat up, and spoke to those nearby. Jesus presented the son to his mother, alive!
This woman lost her husband & the only thing that mattered to her again was lost.
?She hoped that her only son would outlive her…She was wrong. Her only son & source of joy was dead. ?

Her world came crashing before her eyes. All hopes were lost. There was no flicker of hope left. She only wished she died instead of her son❌

On their way to the burial ??ground she encountered the giver of life.

He spoke and the unthinkable happened.
V15 says, “Immediately, the young man moved, sat up, and spoke to those nearby. Jesus presented the son to his mother, alive!

Whatever lies dead in your ” hands” will suddenly begin to MOVE, showing signs of life and before you know it, you will be back on track again.✔
The Lord who brought good times back to this widow will do much more for you today.✔

Nothing in your hands will die again.??

Whatever has your name on it will thrive, flourish and blossom in and out of season in Jesus name??

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