WORD4TODAY; The hand of God, Part 2

The Hand of God – Part 2
Ezra 8:31 KJVThen we departed from the river of Ahava on the twelfth day of the first month, to go unto Jerusalem: and the hand of our God was upon us, and he delivered us from the hand of the enemy, and of such as lay in wait by the way. 
??The hand of God again… 
The hand of God upon you doesn’t just deliver you from those currently arrayed against you, it also protects you from those who lie in wait by the way to cause you pain????
??With the hand of God upon you, your future is secured. ??Your path to greatness is secured. ??You have nothing whatsoever to worry about. ??Known & unknown enemies cannot stop you from reaching your goal. ??You become untouchable & unreachable. 
His hands ? upon you are like a canopy.
Pray ??Father, thank You for Your hand ✋ that is constantly upon me…  I am therefore, reassured that I will reach my goal in Jesus name
Join us again this Saturday for the Abeokuta Group Prayer Walk.
Theme- Job 8:7 NLTAnd though you started with little, you will end with much.
✔We shall all end with much in Jesus name even as we tarry in the place of prayer.
Join us if you can,  and if you cant,  tell someone who can.
Venue -Asero Stadium Time-7.30am

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Written by Pastor tosin