WORD4TODAY; Unusual level of favour-Part 2


An Unusual Level Of Favour – Part 2
Genesis 30:27 Laban said, “If you please, I have learned through divine inquiry that God has blessed me because of you.”
The passage informs us that Laban embarked on a quest to know why his business suddenly began to grow without a clearcut reason….he made a deliberate effort to find out why and learnt by “divine enquiry” that it was that young man he just employed, that, there was something unusual about him and if he really wanted to keep things going, he must retain his new “Asset”… Mr. Jacob.

?When you are an “asset”, you dictate things.
?You become very relevant where you are..
?You are well taken care of.
?You are looked up to.
?You attract the high and mighty, infact,
everyone wants to hang out with you, (but, with all these comes envy and jealousy which your antagonists may wish to take to any level)
Wherever you are today, the hand of God upon you will transform you into an “asset” so relevant none will be able to overlook you.

?Pharaoh saw in Joseph the awesome favour of God that he (Pharaoh) had to make him (Joseph) his deputy.

✔The favour of God is heavy and evident upon you.
✔This month, you will be irresistible to your employer.
✔What you do or sell will be irresistible to customers.
✔What you do and the way you do what you do will attract promotion.
✔You will not be overlooked.
✔You will not be replaced.
The favour of God will project you and bring you into limelight in Jesus name✔

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