WORD4TODAY; Unusual level of favour

Genesis 30:27 MSG
Laban said, “If you please, I have learned through divine inquiry that God has blessed me because of you.”
Jacob’s “employer” Mr. Laban noticed the difference in this new employee..

?He had employed many before Jacob, but he knew there was something different about this new employee.

He discovered that anything Jacob touched, turned to gold.✔
Anything he did turned out well.✔
Any “seed” given to him, greatly multiplied.✔

These things did not appear ordinary to Laban…he knew it was something supernatural.

He saw the “God factor” evident in Jacob’s life, so evident it could not be denied.

?He realized God had been blessing his business because of Jacob.
Jacob was a carrier of “uncommon favour.”

??Laban was willing to do anything to keep Jacob in his employ.
?He was willing to pay more..
Genesis 30:28 MSG
He went on, “So name your wages. I’ll pay you.”
Being favoured and being highly favoured are too different things. They operate at different levels.

?Brethren, in the spiritual, things are in levels.

(Yes, we have peace at different levels… peace that humans understand and peace that surpasses human understanding.)

?This year, the favour of God upon you will be elevated.

✔Anywhere you are will blossom…in season and out of season.

✔Anything you touch will be multiplied

✔You will be observed and seen to be highly favoured.

?1 Samuel 18:14 MSG
Everything David did turned out well. Yes, God was with him.
Because God is with you, everything you do, everywhere you are, anything you touch will turn out well in Jesus name

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