We are a group of Christian individuals who are members of Sexual Purity Academy, we are representatives of God’s vision of sexual purity and we have chosen to celebrate “World Sexual Purity Day” on November 14th, annually; this year being our maiden celebration.

Sexual Purity Academy (SPA) is the vision of a sexual purity enthusiast and God lover; Victor Olukoju. He started this vision in Ghana and moved on to spread it in Nigeria, He has been to a number of Nigerian states, schools, seminars, media houses and churches to spread God’s vision and will, for Sexual Purity. To create consistency for God’s Damsels and Princes, he came up with SPA, a whatsapp group with over 100 members, (yet still expanding) for every member to learn from each other and continue to be encouraged to remain sexually pure.

World sexual purity day is a day for every human to celebrate purity, celibacy, abstinence, virginity and all forms of sexual purity. It’s a day to celebrate the strength and grace of God on everyone that is constantly overcoming sexual temptations like fornication, adultery, masturbation, pornography and lust. It’s also a day to affirm to affirm to others that living by God’s standard is very possible, only through His help.

The SPA group has created a larger forum on Facebook for people who want to live the life of purity to get sharpened and more in the light through other people’s stories/experiences and to learn daily at the feet of Jesus, how important sexual purity is to the creator of sexual pleasure.

Sex is a product, an awesome product for that matter. When the word SEX is mentioned, every ear will tingle… the reason is not far fetched – We are all sexual beings, God made us that way!

In between our legs, God has placed that original product. In men, it is called the penis. In women, it’s called the vagina.

It is good to note here that sex was originally the idea of God not man. Sex was not made in Hollywood or Hollywood , it was made in heaven –right from the mind of God. God has the patent right and reserves the right to tell members of human race how His product must be used.

Howbeit unfortunately,  just as man as redefined marriage that it can now take place between ADAM & STEVE, EVE&EVELYN –man, over the years have ‘’HIJACKED” sex from God and are using it to destroy the world has created.

“Marriage must be honoured among all and the bed undefiled. Fornicator and adulterer, God will judge.”

God in his wisdom has confined marriage ONLY in the context of heterosexual marriage.

From the above scripture, sex before and outside of marriage attracts God’s judgment. God wants us to have sex – good sex but not outside of marriage! No!

Having sex outside of marriage is imitating God’s idea for sex within it. It is SPIRITUAL PIRACY! Piracy is a criminal offence in all nations, though we have those who tent on pirating other people’s products. They don’t care what happens to the producer.

If you have love or fear for God, you will not take pleasure in what He hates. The very bad news is that God will judge all fornicators, adulterers and SEXUAL IMMORALS! Every action goes with a consequence.

No matter what is going on in our world, sex outside marriage will ever remain wrong. God will not change His mind about it and His judgment on all sexual immoral remains the same through all generations. World sexual purity day will be celebrated on November 14th on social media; God is hoping that you will be celebrating #worldsexualpurityday (follow the trend) on that day because if you make up your mind to follow God’s will on sex today, heaven start recognising your purity from today.  Will you honour God with your body and mind? Please do! Stop sexual piracy!

November 14th is World Sexual Purity Day!!!

Victor Olukoju (P.V.O)

What do you think?

Written by chidiebere

Chidi is a Blogger for Gospotainment, a sports Analyst and a Devoted Christian


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