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THE MELANCHOLY personalities- are the richest  in terms of Creativity, deepest thinking Souls, most powerful imagination, strenght of character and Aesthetic sense of beauty and style, their perfectionism, and almost impeccable conscience and ability to love sacrificially. They’re a handful . The richest temperament , yet the most misunderstood and most persecuted .They’re  often seen as odd, queer, or psycho. Their Sexuality is defined by sheer romance, deep love, essentric and dramatical love, emotional tease and melodramatic approach to relationships. Deeply passionate and with very strong emotions. They are- a One man- woman and One woman- Man. Infidelity is not their thing .Sex for the Melancholy is a Ritual -with step by step ritualistic routine, garnished by deep feelings ,emotional connection and covenant. WEAKNESS- The melancholic is a stickler for top hygiene and cleanliness. Slight misbehaviour or dirt  could be a major TURN-OFF. They’re firstly attracted by physical Beauty and aesthetics ,then purity of spirit ,soul and body. The Melancholic person is a PURE SOUL but is often moody and depressed because   their STANDARDS are rarely ever met by other temperaments especially their blend THE SANGUINE. SOLUTION- They are often attracted to the SANGUINES because  they easily get them out of their MOODINESS and apparent DEPRESSION. They add some COLOUR and SPARKLE  to their otherwise dark and Stereotype LIFESTYLE.

THE COOL PHLEGMATIC- these folks are the coolest, Sexiest and most crafty and  selfish of all the TEMPERAMENTS. They appear innocent, unassuming, diplomatic, They have a very good sense of humour and get along with almost everyone. SEX for them like the CHOLERICS is  also an act of DUTY , but in this case They may never initiate SEX directly but can SEDUCTIVELY make suggestive COY moves that are SEXY. For the PHLEG dirt, body odour, or any lack of comliness, may also be overlooked .They easily submit to any Assertive Personality, WEAKNESS- Fidelity may easily be compromised because  the PHLEG is laid back ,very lazy , unambitious, loves idle talk and Idle lifestyle. They hate to  work but love GOSSIP.They  also love luxury and the good things of life, but believe in others working for it. So who ever can take the burden of provision and responsibility off their shoulders can easily have them in bed. Hence their MORAL principles are either poor or non existent. SOLUTION – only a thorough WORK of the HOLY SPIRIT can clean up the often unclean imagination of the PHLEGMATIC.

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